The first real episode.

2012-04-14 12:54:14 by Crashgek

The first episode (of the new series) is under way.
Go to the official Roeblaks Forum for sneak peeks.
Roeblaks Forum

Roeblaks 2.0

2012-04-02 11:07:49 by Crashgek

Ok, so the original series wasn't popular. And that makes sense!
Animation was bad, no voice acting, writing was all over the place and it generally wasn't good.

New stuff's coming soon though! A whole new start.
Episodes of 15 minutes at least, voice acting, an actual script and some more character development are just some of the improvements the new series will bring.

Even though the story of the first episode will have to be majorly altered because of a certain main character leaving,
based on the stuff we already got together, I think it's gonna go pretty well.